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Golf League
Here is all the info for this years Golf League.
Handicaps as of 8/1

Results as of 7/14/2014
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Schedule (LINK)
Scoring (LINK)
Equiptable Stroke Control(ESC)(LI(LINK)NK)
Rules of Play (LINK)
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We have 20 participants (10 two-man teams) and we will be teeing off starting at 7:30 through 8:10 each Monday morning (excluding Memorial Day and Labor Day). Refer to the schedule for your Team's match-up and tee time each week. The season runs for 20 weeks. We play each Team twice and there are two position weeks.
Everyone who had a Handicap Index last year will begin 2014 with the Index they had when the system was closed for the season.

You can begin posting 2014 scores into the GHIN System on April 1st.

The 1st revision (system update) will be April 15th.

For new players who need to establish a Handicap Index, you should keep any scores with dates played beginning April 1st and we will show you how to enter them into the system.

A minimum of 5 scores prior to a system revision is required to establish a Handicap Index. The 2nd revision is April 30th.

There are two revisions each month from April through October and Handicap Indexes are updated twice each month based upon the most recent scores input into the GHIN System.
Please call on any questions.

Making up a game? The rule for make up matches in an effrt to maintain the integrity of our schedule and post weekly team standings. If one member of a team is not available to play, the other member of that team should still compete ( assessed with the 4 stroke penalty). If neither member can play on Monday, it is contingent upon them to complete the match before the scheduled date or complete the match during that same week but prior to the next scheduled play date. Failure to complete the match in that time frame will result in a forfeit, and with 3 points (for the match) awarded to the opposing team.